Mammoth agreement with the Germans worth 4 billion – Purchase of armored vehicles, modernization of Leopard and MEKO – In the big deal and factory-production line

Berlin to set as a prerequisite in order to close the agreement the order of at least 200 Lynx for the needs of the Army.

A decision reached for Athens, which “locked” in last Wednesday’s KYSEA, seems to be the conclusion of a “mammoth” agreement with Germany for armaments. The agreement is expected to be announced according to information during the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz to Athens and concerns the purchase of LynxKF-41 Armored Combat Vehicles with the simultaneous transfer of the factory-production line to Northern Greece, modernization of the Leopard 2 and Leopard1A5 tanks as well as modernization of the four “HYDRA” class MEKO frigates.

As Newpost had revealed since last July, Athens and Berlin were in talks to close the big deal for the purchase of TOMA Lynx with the simultaneous transfer of the production line to Greece. Factory which will be based in Northern Greece and will employ at least 300 workers. With Berlin setting the order of at least 200 Lynx for the needs of the Army as a prerequisite in order to close the deal. The deal appears to have been finalized with the Hellenic Armed Forces purchasing 205 Lynx KF-41 TOMAS. But at the same time, the big deal seems to have included the modernization of a large number of tanks of the Army, specifically 183 Leopard 2 as well as 190 Leopard 1A5. Modernization which, as Newpost had also reported, has been at the center of discussions for several months.

In addition, given the immediate need to modernize the four “HYDRA” class MEKO frigates, which has been placed at the top of the Navy’s priorities, Athens wishes to include this program in the agreement with the Germans. After all, the big favorite based on the bids to win the program is the German consortium Thyssen Krupp MarineSystems-Thales Nederland. With an offer that reaches approximately 600 million and provides for a modernization package that concerns weapon systems, radar, electronic and mechanical. In total, the purchase of the TOMA Lynx, the modernization of the Leopard tanks and the modernization of the four MEKO frigates reaches 4 billion. Athens is seeking an interstate agreement with Berlin in which it will include all three programs as well as the transfer of the Lynx manufacturing plant to Greece. Essentially, this is a Strategic Agreement with which Athens, after Paris, with the purchase of Rafale fighters and FDI frigates, approaches Berlin as well. The two most powerful countries of the European Union. While simultaneously stimulating the economy by transferring a large German factory to Greek territory.

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At the same time, it vertically strengthens the Army in an area where it “hurts” and is none other than the replacement of the aging M-113 TOMAs with the state-of-the-art Lynx TOMAs. Since for years the planning of the GES foresees the gradual replacement of approximately 2800 M-113 with Armored which can meet the requirements of the modern battlefield. As Newpost has already reported, the TOMA LynxKF-41 was presented by the Germans in the summer at KETTH, with the Executives and Staff of the GES getting very good impressions.

The Lynx was designed in 2015 and is one of the most modern TOMAs in the world arsenal. With powerful armor, high-tech electronic aids and great firepower. In the battle tower it has a 30mm gun of various versions and a 7.62 machine gun. Uses high-performance ammunition against different targets. In addition to armouring, i.e. passive protection, Lynx has the option of adding active protection systems. It can develop a speed of up to 70 km with a range of more than 500 km.

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