Lynx: Field-Evaluated by Army Staff and Literally Excelled

Excellent were the impressions left by the state-of-the-art German Armored Combat Vehicle (AMV) Lynx on the staffs of the GES and the Infantry during the tests they received in the last 48 hours at the Armored Training Center. The Lynx has brought especially great excitement, joy and anticipation to the Greek officers who see that finally the Infantry is very close to getting a top-of-the-line TOMA.

According to information, the first conclusions were drawn by the vehicle’s excellent agility and mobility, always combined with the highest level of armor offered by the German Rheinmetall TOMA. Interest was piqued by the hunter killer mode that offers unique abilities to the TOMA, while according to information the silent mode mode was the one that really left an excellent impression on the infantry officers. The Hunter-Killer ability allows for rapid engagement of multiple targets in a short space of time, giving the vehicle a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

The availability of two SEOSS systems gives the Lynx true Hunter-Killer capability, while the optional roof-mounted remote control turret also offers Killer-Killer capability. The systems are panoramic sights and are referred to as SEOSS (Stabilized Electro-Optical Sensor System). SEOSSs incorporate a laser range finder and fire control system.

The Killer-Killer capability is vital to the vehicle’s survivability, particularly in urban combat, as it allows the leader to protect the vehicle by engaging targets independently, while at the same time the gunner can provide covering fire to the dismounted Infantry Squad with the armament of the tower.

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The silent mode function

In particular, the Lynx can operate for 24 hours with full operation of the tower and the optical and aiming aids due to the innovation offered by the lithium-ion batteries, while it can also operate for 72 hours as a TOMA observation vehicle offering an image in depth and with precision as a result of the of state-of-the-art sights that he carries. In particular, it can detect enemy IEDs or tanks at distances of more than 15 kilometers (always depending on the relief and terrain morphology) during the day and especially at night.

This is a critical feature especially in the defensive match as the most important innovation of the Lynx is the lithium-ion batteries. This possibility translates into obvious operational advantages such as the annihilation of the thermal and acoustic footprint produced by the engine of a TOMA.

At the same time, GES staff were impressed by the potential composition of a mechanized Infantry platoon that might include a Lynx with Spike (Spike-LR2, maximum range of 5.5 km), a Lynx with cruise munitions, a Lynx with electronic warfare capabilities (jammers installed ) and a Lynx with a UAV launcher for tactical reconnaissance.

Of course these capabilities are indicative and can be deployed mainly at the level of a Motorized Infantry Battalion.

Here we should point out the following decisive parameter: how in the Lynx with a UAV launcher for tactical reconnaissance there can also be the PAP of the Brigade Artillery Squadron or respectively the company (tactical group) commander who either in defense or in attack or in another form of combat (advance, retreat) will request trajectory curve weapon fire for supporting energy (artillery, mortars).

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This is a feature that really brings ES into a new era.

According to the writer’s information, the official German proposal was presented to the GES staff and includes a total of 205 TOMA Lynx in order to equip a total of 5 motorized battalions of the 3 armored and 2 motorized brigades of the D Army Corps.

Each Motorized Battalion will have 41 TOMA Lynx comprising three motorized reasons of the three motorized platoons. Also progressing is the prospect of a total of 200 Marders of which 100 are immediately available and an additional 100 in a second year. It is recalled that on the table there is the option for the 200 Marders to undergo a modernization program to be at Marder 1 A5 level.

The solution of 205 state-of-the-art Lynx and 200 Marder radically renews and modernizes the Infantry.

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