“Locks” Fuel Pass 3: The amounts for cars and two-wheelers

For the beginning of November, it seems that the implementation of the third “Fuel Pass”, both for diesel and gasoline, with a subsidy directly at the pump and the same criteria, is “locked in”.

According to information broadcast by SKAI’s “Morning” show, the increased flow of revenue, around 500 million euros, seems to “untie the government’s hands” for a three-month plan.

Specifically, for Fuel Pass 3, the following scenario for gasoline is considered:

For cars: from 65-85 euros
For motorcycles: 45-55 euros
The amounts will refer to three months’ consumption
According to SKAI, there will again be a bonus of 15 euros for a transaction with a physical card. It is reminded that the alternative – without bonus – is depositing into a bank account.

Income criteria:
up to 30,000 euros + 3,000 euros for each child.

It is noted that the diesel subsidy – as long as prices continue to rise due to the Ukrainian oil crisis – has actually been announced, initially by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The Prime Minister, from the floor of the Parliament, had stated that “the increases in diesel have an impact on the supply chain” assuring that the government is measuring the possibilities “and we will see if we can announce something for diesel traffic”.

It seems that the government will proceed immediately, perhaps from the beginning of November, with a subsidy, the president of the Fuel Traders – Traders of Attica, Nikos Papageorgiou, told SKAI. What has not yet been confirmed is whether the diesel subsidy will be at 15 cents per litre, as was the case, or if it will reach 20-25 cents, according to a scenario that the finance staff is said to have considered.

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According to SKAI, the most likely scenario for the subsidy at the pump for diesel is 15 minutes.

Skylakakis: End of October the decision, beginning of November the implementation

Asked about this, Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skylakakis stated that the decision to restore the diesel subsidy at the pump will be taken by the end of October, i.e. within the next week.

In particular, as the Deputy Minister of Finance pointed out on the “SKAI 100.3” radio station, if a relevant decision is made on the diesel subsidy, it will be implemented from November.

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