Lieutenant General e.a. K. Kusantas: Why we shouldn’t be concerned about who will cause a hot episode first (Video)

Turkey in NATO is considered as an interloper member now and is constantly being degraded”

His intervention on the Greek-Turkish language was made by Lieutenant General A.A. Konstantinos Kusantas, in the FLASH TV News Bulletin.

Among other things, he stated the following:

1. We should not be concerned about who will cause a HOT EPISODE FIRST because there are many chances that it will happen on a regular basis without avoiding the case of directing on the part of Turkey.

2. Turkey in NATO is now considered as an interloper member and is constantly DEGRADING with partners Russia, China, Pakistan, while Greece is constantly being upgraded not only in armaments but also with alliances in the SE Mediterranean such as Israel, Egypt, Cyprus.

Watch the video posted by FLASH TV

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