Kolokotronis: The “double fire” that decimated the Turks revealed his enormous strategic intelligence during battle

The fact that Theodoros Kolokotronis was one of the greatest military minds is something no one can dispute.

Kolokotronis, like any general, should control everything during the battle, have a plan, adapt to the conditions and of course find DIRECTLY, in no time, the answers to possible questions that will be asked.

The so-called “double fire” which was inspired by Theodoros Kolokotronis at the time of the siege of Tripolitsa, is currently taught in all the military Academies of the world. And yet, the order was so simple, in order to make it perfectly clear that one soldier should protect the other’s back: “Ass to ass”!

Let’s start things from the beginning.

Immediately after the start of the Revolution, Kolokotronis estimated that the capture of Tripolitsa, which was the center of the Peloponnese, would be of primary importance. Greek forces would be in control of Morea and could move more easily to other areas.

There were thousands of Turks in Tripolitsa who would certainly have to withstand the general’s intelligent plan: A siege that would lead to a lack of food and an inability to supply weapons.

The Turks tried several times to break the cordon but without success. The lack of food caused panic and to deal with it the Turks expelled the Greek residents of Tripolitsa.

Kolokotronis advised patience as his plan was implemented and caused an unbearable situation for the Turks.

At some point, however, passages were discovered in lowland places by the Turks through which they sometimes managed to pass. It was difficult for the Greeks to cover these as well, but Kolokotronis put a new plan into action.

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He ordered a deep ditch to be dug a long way. The Turks did not understand and passed by in order to go for supplies. On their way back they were waiting for them, but the Greeks were inside the ditch and started shooting at them!

From the side of Tripolitsa mounted horsemen came out as a distraction. Kolokotronis, now seeing the Greeks in the middle and fighting from two fronts, was inspired by his strategy: “Ass to ass”.

Two men each took a position with their backs touching each other and fired in opposite directions. Thus one soldier protected the other’s rear, there was efficiency in both directions, and the Turks were decimated.

This is the now well-known “double fire” and if Kolokotronis’ “popular” mandate seems strange to you, then consider the following:

During the battle, the general’s orders must be direct, short, completely understandable because there is no time to waste. The warriors immediately “caught” the inspiration of Kolokotronis and decimated the Turks.

A few days later, Tripolitsa would fall and the Greek Revolution would be established

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