Key Findings-Evaluation of the first contacts of the A/GEETHA in the USA -Upgraded cooperation of the Land Armies of the two countries is coming

The USA is interested in the security of the Aegean and the avoidance of a Greek-Turkish war, for which Erdogan wants, so that through Souda-Saiga-Alexandroupolis, supplies-materials-forces are transported to the Balkans and Eastern Europe and Ukraine, as well as LNG to the EU, from Israel-Cyprus-Egypt

With the visit of A/GETHA General Kon/nos Floros in progress, the first results of the meetings he had there began to be shared from his twitter

At the Pentagon, our A/GETHA had a meeting with General James C. McConville (Army Chief of Staff), with whom issues such as:

1. Russian invasion of Ukraine
2. Defense of the Euro-Atlantic area
3. Effects of revisionism
4. Contribution of Greece to Security and Stability
5. Souda & Alexandroupoli
6. ED Greece-USA cooperation, deepening in the SX
Our assessment regarding the above in brief is that:

In relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is a complete alignment of views between the US and Greece regarding the treatment of Russian revisionism and the risks it entails for European and Global security

Also, the importance of NATO for the security of its member states vis-à-vis Russia is proving to be a lifesaver

Here comes the destabilizing factor called Turkey, which in the current difficult phase, creates problems in NATO, with its problematic and opportunistic policy towards the admission of Sweden-Finland into it, blackmailing the Alliance, but also with its extremely aggressive attitude towards of Greece, threatening it with war, which would result in the dissolution of the Alliance in the SE wing, serving the interests of Russia, China and Iran

Here our A/GEETHA will emphasize something that is accepted by the USA, namely that our country is a pillar of stability and security for the wider region

Regarding the issue of Souda and Alexandroupolis, it is known that they are stable security anchorages for the USA and NATO and that through these two bases, as well as the Aegean seaway that connects them, supplies-materials-forces and media are transported safely to the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Ukraine

The valuable natural gas will soon be transported through the Aegean and Alexandroupoli-Kavala-Thessaloniki, either through pipelines or through ships with LNG, from Israel, Cyprus and Egypt to the EU.

It is expected to discuss the further expansion of port facilities and not only in Souda-Alexandroupoli

These two reasons above are why the USA-EU-NATO are interested in the security of the Aegean and the avoidance of a Greek-Turkish war, for which Erdogan is arguing

Finally, in the field of US-Greece cooperation in the field of the Armed Forces with a deepening in the Army, it is known that the A/GEETHA will see the F-35 production line up close, since he will also meet with the President and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation Mr. James D. Taiclet, at Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth facility in Dallas, Texas

Also, as we mentioned in our previous article, entitled “For which weapons does A/GETHA go to the USA? What are the diplomatic goals” we pointed out in the pursuits of A/GETHA that these should be the following:

-Examination of the immediate supply of additional armed UAVs from the USA as well as Loitering munitions.

– Examining the direct supply of special equipment and means for the Special Forces from the US.

-Further promotion of our country’s purchase request of the 5th generation F-35 fighter jets from the USA and consideration of parameters for expediting their delivery schedule.

– Explanation of Greek positions and Turkish aggression to US policy-making bodies, such as the US Senate, media, Institutes of International Relations – think tanks – US military leadership.

– Further deepening and tightening of relations with our Community in the USA and setting priority objectives to serve our National interests.


From the above, it can be concluded that we expect the visit of the A/GEETHA to have tangible and immediate results regarding issues mainly of the land army, with the free allocation of part of the huge stocks of materials and means of the American army, thus strengthening our deterrent capacity

Armed UAVs, loitering munitions, supply of special equipment and means for the Special Forces, are expected to be at the top of the agenda of the A/GETHA’s requests for immediate supply from the US.

A steep increase in the cooperation of the Land Forces of the two countries is also expected, with joint exercises, which are expected to increase rapidly in extent, degree and number

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