It will take a long time for the Turkish submarine TCG PİRİREİS to fall into the sea-The Turks are very brave with the program

The Turks do not have critical systems and there is a risk of building an inferior Turkish submarine compared to the corresponding Greek ones

The completion of the construction of the Turkish submarine Hızır Reis (Type-214 class), which was originally scheduled to enter the tank in 2021, was moved to 2022 for … various reasons, reports Turkish media, but the whole truth is that everything is literally..up in the air since the Turks have not received the submarine tower know-how transfer from the Germans, nor the missile launch systems as they require.

Another Turkish media, vaguely reports that the TCG PİRİREİS submarine, whose equipment activities continue at the Gölcük shipyard under the New Type Submarine Project, will be commissioned in December 2022, which is impossible, in terms of Turkish actual requirements.

It is ashes in the eyes of Turkish citizens and international public opinion.

Given the negative attitude of the German government towards Turkey, for the transfer of sophisticated know-how and the demand for the supply of a cruise missile launch system, there are two options for the Turks:

A. To finish the construction of the TCG PİRİREİS with what they have, which means degrading its capabilities compared to the Greek Type-214 submarines.

B. To cooperate with Russians and Chinese, (something theoretically impossible due to German origin of submarine systems), to extract technology and missile launch systems.

The Turks are trying to install missile launch systems, like the ATMACA for example, and have “stumbled” into insurmountable purely technical problems.

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It is also true that important technical equipment is experiencing delays, while there are delays with fuel cells, and propulsion systems (Air Independent Propulsion System-AIP).

German giant HDW, which makes the world’s only Type-214 submarines, and the Turkish variant of the Reis, does not want Turkey to acquire the ability to build its own submarines, as it would lose the market in many countries of the Arab world and in Mediterranean.

In any case, the whole program has bogged down and the Turkish defense industry is in despair as everything shows.

Recently the Greek Foreign Minister N. Dendias pointed out the issue of submarines to the German Foreign Ministry.

He noted that the Greek position is clear: “These submarines risk changing the balance of power”. He also reminded that Turkey, despite being a member of NATO, threatens Greece with war, violates its sovereignty and sovereign rights, and illegally occupies the territory of an EU member state, Cyprus.

He also mentioned that Greece has the same submarines, but does not threaten its neighbors and is not a revisionist power.

The submarines that the Turks are building, their warships and all their unmanned aerial vehicles, are intended to create a huge area of ​​denial of access to the Greek forces, with the name “Blue Homeland”, and this both Greece and the west for its own interests will never allow them anymore given the crisis in Ukraine that is already starting and spreading.

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