It was carried away by the current and fell into the sea! "Dive" F/A-18 Super Hornet from the aircraft carrier "Harry Truman"

The Americans suffered from their bad weather… “A sailor was slightly injured in the incident that occurred in unexpectedly strong weather conditions”

A US F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet, which was on the deck of the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, was blown away by strong winds and crashed into the sea, the US Navy said.

It has been reported that an F-18/A fighter jet aboard the US aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman in the Mediterranean crashed into the sea due to strong winds.

In a written statement from the US Navy’s 6th Fleet Command, it said the F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft “flew into the sea” from the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, which was in the Mediterranean on July 8 due to strong winds and rain .

It is reported that the incident occurred while the ship was refueling at sea and information was given that “one sailor was slightly injured in the incident which occurred in unexpectedly strong weather conditions”. The statement, which said an investigation into the incident had been launched, did not provide further details.

The Truman carrier task force has been stationed in the Mediterranean since December. Truman is expected to remain in the Mediterranean until at least August.

No one was on board the aircraft and no crew members were in the immediate vicinity when the aircraft was thrown from the ship’s deck. A decision to recover the aircraft is being considered, said Adm. Richlyn Ivey, a spokeswoman for the US 6th Fleet. The plane belonged to the 1st Air Carrier Wing.

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It was unclear where in the Mediterranean the Truman was when the incident occurred, but USNI News reported on July 7 that the ship was in the Ionian Sea.

The Truman was conducting a replenishment at sea with USNS Robert E. Peary and USNS Supply, which was safely terminated, according to the release. The forecasted weather conditions are not expected to affect refueling, Ivey said.

“The USS Harry S. Truman and the aircraft aboard remain fully mission capable,” the US 6th Fleet said in a statement. The details and cause of the incident are under investigation, according to the release.

The Truman aircraft carrier strike group was deployed to the Mediterranean in December as concerns grew about a buildup of Russian troops and military equipment along Ukraine’s border. Russia then launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Since then, the Truman has supported training and patrol flights in Eastern Europe and sailed in the Ionian and Adriatic seas. She has also made several port calls, most recently in Marseille, France on 18 June.

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