Israelis: 3 km the Israeli umbrella on the islands – Bayraktar communications and GPS will not work

Israelis: 3 km will be the range of the Israeli umbrella in the Aegean islands, in which Bayraktar communications and GPS will not work.

Turkish drones have increased violations in Greek airspace by 182% within a year.

These elements did not go unnoticed by the Israelis, who put an anti-drone shield on the Greek islands and the Evros.

The Israeli system will be similar to the Drone Dome used by Israel and, according to an analysis by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), will be able to interfere with the frequencies of Turkish drones (small and large) and prevent them from completing their mission.

The Israelis attach great importance to the Greek Drone Dome, which according to the report will provide protection at a distance of 3.22 km from the Greek islands, interfering with the communications of the Turkish drones and their GPS.

In a few words, the Turkish drones will either fall or return to their base, according to their algorithm, but in any case their mission will fail, notes the Turkish defense site, on the ways to deal with Turkish drones (in .s. in general).

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