Israeli expert: Disaster for Turkey if it attempts an attack on Greece

The Greek armed forces will give Ankara a “terrible slap” no matter what the foreigners say in any scenario of a possible military conflict

While the Turkish propaganda machine is being overloaded by now steadily targeting the Aegean and distorting reality in order to slander Greece in the international community, an Israeli expert refers to this scenario in a specific way, leaving many suspicions about what the Turks are preparing all this time.

Dana Levi reports that “any Turkish military operations in the Aegean against Greece (a member of the EU and NATO), given the smaller but powerful Greek military, are likely to achieve a short-term tactical success, but in the medium and long term will turn into a disaster for Ankara, worsening the situation (Ukrainian scenario).

Unlike Russia, the Turkish economy is too open and unbalanced in terms of import/export structure, much more sensitive to EU and US sanctions and restrictions.

The Americans will not hesitate to respond (to Turkey in the event of a war with Greece), striking with the logic of trade and economic wars, seeking to limit the excessively independent policy of recent years (of Turkey).

This could be the end (of a Greek-Turkish war), based on mutual risks and consequences, but in the scenario there are US and EU institutions that are interested in further weakening and destroying (Ankara)”, she says with information that is not we know and of course we don’t know.

International factor in case of Greek-Turkish crisis by foreign media

The foreign news agency on the same scenario of a Greek-Turkish military crisis regarding Libya reports:

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“Both in official communication channels and in informal discussions between Greek officials and their Western interlocutors, there is constant concern about a Turkish attack in the Aegean.

All experts and Officials are now unclear about what Erdogan’s real intentions are in the Aegean and are ready for any scenario.

The question is: Will Erdogan proceed with a military attack or simply continue his strong rhetoric towards Greece.

As part of preparing Turkish citizens for any scenario, Erdogan continues to demonize Greece by accusing Athens of aggressive and hostile behavior on the occasion of the internal debate over a possible extension of Greek territorial waters to 12 nautical miles south of Crete.

After being preceded by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who threatened war by making it clear that Ankara would not allow Greek territorial waters to extend a single mile beyond 6 nautical miles, Erdogan took it upon himself to spell out the plan’s “response” of “we’ll get to it one night”.

Turkey will enter presidential elections next spring, which are seen as highly sensitive for Erdogan’s power, as the Turkish economy is performing poorly, which is seen as the only thing that could threaten the current ruling party.

Therefore, international experts suspect that Erdogan may instigate an external conflict (with Greece) to strengthen his positions inside Turkey, making the Greeks the first to be at risk,” it concludes.

The assessment is that there is indeed a very serious risk of a possible short-term military incident in the Aegean, especially with the current rhetoric of the Turkish government and its scientific and military branches, with their daily statements in the Turkish press.

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The flurry of statements, maps, photographs, continuous violations of the National Airspace and overflights of our islands, whose sovereignty the Turks dispute, are a set of actions with nuanced indications of a possible military crisis, especially at this time, in which they have withdrawn most tourists from the Asia Minor coast.

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