Israel offers us German frigates with Israeli weapons – Not from Greece

Israelis are giving us German frigates with Israeli weapons and at a super price, but it seems we are not getting them.

Another proposal for the new Greek corvettes – light frigates has reached the hands of the Greek officials, since the Israelis are offering the Tamandarés and indeed fully armed with Israeli weapons (s.s. at 500 million each).

These are German MEKO A100s armed with Israeli Sa’ar 6 corvettes.

Sportime as early as March 2021 had mentioned the prospect of Israeli warships.

Then the lobster-armed Israeli Sa’ar entered the equation of intermediate solution ships that the Greek Navy was looking for, during the process of purchasing the new Greek frigates.

The basic “weapon” of the Israelis was (and still is) the area defense capabilities of the Sa’ar corvettes with the Barak 8 missiles, with a range of over 100 km (a necessary condition for area defense). In fact, these corvettes are intended by the Israelis for the Eastern Mediterranean.

At the time, the Israeli ambassador to Greece had declared that “new defense and investment agreements are coming” between Israel and Greece, throwing… water into the rumor mill about an agreement for the interim solution ships of the Greek Navy.

Now, more than a year later, the Israeli proposal has returned for the new Greek corvettes.

In favor of this specific proposal is that “there will be very good diplomatic support” from Germany and Israel, a person with knowledge of the matter told

“The bad thing”, according to the same source, is that the specific corvettes “have many weapons, but they are not NATO”.

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“The missiles are not NATO, they keep up but not easily with the rest of the Greek ships and weapon systems. In other words, it will be a piece of land in P.N. these systems. They don’t know, the admirals haven’t studied them at all,” he added.

“I don’t give much chance to this proposal,” said the specific source contacted by, but this source left a small window open, due to the involvement of the Germans, as he characteristically said, in the process.

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