Israel: it will sell whatever it wants to Cyprus and we can’t say anything – What a Turkish analyst says

Israel: The Iron Dome (s.s. or the BARAK MX supplied by Cyprus according to information from will significantly strengthen the Cypriot air defense.

Cypriot air defense currently consists of Russian 9K330 Tor and 9K37 Buk air defense missile systems and French Mistral missiles.

The Iron Dome, writes, is known for its use in Israel against rockets from Gaza and is also “an effective tool against drones”.

As of December 2019, Turkey had deployed the TB-2 in northern Cyprus.

Israel: will sell whatever it wants to Cyprus emphasizes that Turkey “has not expressed a direct objection to the sale of the Iron Dome to Cyprus”.

This is due, as noted, to the fact that “Israel has insisted that expanding relations with Turkey will not jeopardize its regional relations, especially those with Cyprus and Greece.”

“In terms of bilateral relations, Turkey is now more dependent on Israel than Israel is on Turkey. Israel is no longer an isolated state in the Middle East and is not as dependent on Turkey as it was in the 1990s. Therefore, Turkey cannot react to Israel’s sale of the Iron Dome to Cyprus and prefers to remain silent.” , is underlined in the Turkish opinion forum of Fatih Yurcever.

At the same time, much has changed since the 2nd World War in the technology of weapon systems and in the techniques of war, but it seems that the king of battles remains the artillery.

This conclusion also follows from the developments on the Ukrainian front, where the Russians, with their superior artillery, have managed to slowly but surely gain ground, while the Ukrainians only organized their counterattack when the Americans supplied them with HIMARS. also a weapon belonging to the artillery.

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This opinion is also expressed by the Russian analyst, Ilya Kramnik, a military observer and researcher at the IMEMO RAS institute in Moscow.

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