Israel: Did the Israelis understand the game of the Turks – Did Ankara get involved?

Israel: The Israelis understood the game of the Turks after Erdoğan’s visit to Iran and are taking the case of the Eastern Mediterranean upon themselves.

A Navtex report on the activities of the Israeli Navy in the Eastern Mediterranean shows that the Israelis are slowly changing their attitude in the region, taking a clear position in favor of the Greek positions.

At a time when Turkey illegally claims its presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, even in areas south of Crete, the region is committed to Israeli exercises.

In fact, the increased attention of ships sailing in the area is requested for the period until August 5.

Navtex refers to an exercise of the Israeli Navy, without officially mentioning co-training with the Greek Navy.

At the same time, the Turkish drilling rig Abdulhamid Khan is slowly going out into the open sea for tests and research.

This is not something we did not expect since the Turks had announced it a long time ago.

In fact, the Israelis claim that Abdulhamid Khan will conduct investigations outside of Cyprus.

The estimate that exists is that the Turks will not openly provoke Greece (including a NATO country like Turkey), since the Americans have given… instructions for a quiet summer against the background of the need for the US to focus on the Pacific.

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