Is an umbrella system coming against Turkish missiles?

Is an umbrella system coming against Turkish missiles that will initially be delivered from Crete?

The Greek Air Force has selected the KRONOS mobile electronic scanning radar from Leonardo Electronics as part of the integrated air missile defense system that will initially be installed at the firing range in Crete.

The system will be delivered in 2024 and a series of questions are being created.

Will KRONOS be installed with money from Greece or NATO?
Which anti-aircraft systems will it work with?

Will it only concern the shooting range of Crete or will it also protect the US and Greek anchorages in Souda?

Could Greece procure from the Americans an anti-aircraft – anti-missile American system for free to protect the American base which will also be a Greek naval station?

It should be noted that the Kronos Grand Mobile has already been selected as the surveillance and engagement radar for the Italian version of MBDA’s SAMP/T surface-to-air missile system.

The SAMP/T is the ground version of the Aster 30.
Armed French UAVs are coming at a shock price

At the same time, let’s remember that the reports that wanted armed French UAVs to arrive at a shock price were confirmed.

The Patrollers will be able to fly up to 30 hours continuously and will be armed with 68mm guided rockets while using the same ground control station as the Greek Sperwer IIs.

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