Iran delivers hundreds of drones to Russia: “With urgent procedures” the Americans say

Their role will be decisive on the battlefields

Iran supports Russia in practice and sends “hundreds of drones”, some of which will be armed, as stated by the American National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan.

In fact, Iran will deliver 100 armed drones to Moscow, the rest will be for observation and intelligence gathering.

Their role on the battlefields will be decisive. The Iranians have proven how good they are in this field. In fact, they are much ahead of the Russians.

With this move, Iran makes it clear to the Americans whose side it will stand on and what its geopolitical choice is.

While briefing the editors on Monday at the White House, Sullivan conveyed the information of the supply of the material “with urgent procedures”.

At the same time, the training of the personnel by Iranian operators will also begin.

However, it is not clear whether the first vehicles have already been delivered, the consultant added.

During the war, Russia has lost large numbers of drones that need time to replace them.

Iran has more experience with armed drones or kamikaze drones than Russia.

Drones have been playing an important role since the beginning of the Russian operation in Ukraine on February 24: they are used for intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and surveillance, for launching missiles, dropping bombs…

The US announced last week a new $400 million military aid package to Ukraine, including HIMARS multiple launch systems and precision-guided munitions.

Since the start of the Russian military operation, Washington has delivered $6.9 billion worth of military aid to Ukraine.

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