Ioannis Mazis and Kostas Grivas nailed the flag to the “heart of the beast”

Article – column of a leading French magazine against Turkey with the mastery of leading Greek academics

Hit outside the borders by the respected Greek professors and true patriots, Ioannis Mazis and Costas Grivas. The blow this time was made to the leading French magazine Le Point Which publishes an article – a catapult against Turkey and Erdogan, hosting the interviews of the two leading academics who literally crush the Turkish claims, the way the official should do Greek state. Especially in the international arena and not in the communication propaganda in which it exhausts itself, to appease the native voters.

Professor I. Mazis thoroughly analyzes the dirty Turkish plan, not for “information reasons”, but to hold both the EU and NATO accountable. Speaking, the leading French magazine decodes step by step Turkey’s strategy from the rhetoric to abolish the Treaty of Lausanne, which leads to the plan to change borders by occupying Greek territory.

The tribute of the French magazine

“Erdogan knows that legitimacy is not on his side. But he knows that force can create law. I find it disturbing that this hostile behavior brings political gains,” notes Mr. Mazis, precisely to demonstrate that Turkey is the problem and not only Erdogan.

He even sounds the alarm about Europe’s passive attitude in the face of Turkey’s direct threat against Greece, saying that this is exactly the element that Erdogan will take advantage of: He will try to create a fait accompli, taking advantage of the tolerance and audacity of the EU and of NATO.

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Do they agree to give half of the Aegean to save the Turkish government and Erdogan?

Who really could stir up French public opinion and infuriate it in such a masterful way as Yannis Mazis did speaking at Le Point? Who in fact recently received the highest honor from the French state! A fact that gives even more weight to his positions and warnings.

From the left, Professor E. Sella, Professor Mazis and the French Ambassador

Professor K. Grivas made an excellent intervention in the same tribute saying: The Europeans have not understood that the borders of Greece are also the borders of Europe and that Turkey no longer respects international law.

Professor Kostas Grivas even analyzes the way in which Turkey will provoke the Greek-Turkish conflict: It will be an incident similar to the Imian crisis but on a much larger scale. They will make a naval blockade and the army will land on a certain island. After they take control of the island, Turkish President Erdogan will ask for a compromise with NATO to divide the Aegean in half. This strategy of “denying sovereignty” does not come out of nowhere. They want to satellite Greece and for that they are launching a hybrid war.

Indicative of the dedication is the map which is published in the magazine and fully recognizes the national sovereignty of Greece. From Imia, to the continental shelf in its entire range.

The map of the Aegean published by Le Point magazine

The question that now arises is what have been hidden all these β@θρολύμ@tas who slandered the two leading Greek academics on the occasion of their honest and patriotically responsible analyzes of the war in Ukraine? Where have those scumbags been hiding?

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The fact that all these k@θάρμ@τ@ have not uttered a word against Turkey, even now that the barbarian neighbor is directly threatening to invade our homeland, proves that they are neither “anti-Russian”, nor “Ukrainophile”. They are paid agents of the Turks, slanderers of any Greek who can be considered a threat to Erdogan’s dirty plans. Especially when these Greeks have the international reach of Professor Ioannis Mazis and Professor Kostas Grivas.

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