Interview of IFOTHA Ioannis Kefalogiannis on “Parapolitika 90.1” and journalists Dimitris Takis and Christina Korai

For the Tenure Opportunity Program

With the program “Term of opportunity” quality time will be offered to the youth of our country during the term of office. Through a framework that we are planning with the Minister, Mr. Dendias, it will be possible to obtain a certification that will be used in their future professional career. This certificate will be able to be used in a recruitment in the private sector and possibly, in consultation with all the co-competent ministries, to have points even in public announcements.

The specialties will cover daily needs. For example, the specialty of the lifeguard for the beaches in the summer months, or first aid, for Civil Protection, machine operators, technical professions, cooks, etc.

The courses will not be done in the traditional way, theoretically or practically only in the field, but will also take place with digital media (tablets).

The aim is that by the ESSO of September 2024 all these skills can be provided through the lifelong learning centers of the Army, Air Force and Navy.

For the energy upgrade of military infrastructure

I recently met with the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Mrs. Sdoukou regarding the inclusion of five military installations, including the main building of the Ministry of National Defense, the Pentagon, in the “Electra” energy upgrade program, which will involve a total of 73 million euros.

In essence, energy-intensive buildings of the Armed Forces will depreciate in the coming years, resulting in savings of several million euros per year, which will of course be used for the defense of our homeland.

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For the helicopters in Stefanovikio

Despite the fact that, as GEETHA has assured, there was no loss of war material, in any case all these images do not treat honor. It is certain that all the internal procedures that have been initiated will be completed in such a way as to prevent such phenomena in the future, I can assure you of that.

For the tenure of Mr. Kasselakis

I have no update. Let’s first see if he will serve the minimum of his term based on the legislative provision, the 20 days or the six months as foreseen. Let me clarify that if he chooses the minimum enlistment time, i.e. basic training, it means that he will only serve in a recruit training center. In the event that he chooses to serve more than 20 days, then depending on where he will be assigned by the staff, he can also serve at the border.

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