Indian professor-analyst: Give Greece BrahMos to…stop Turkey talking

Indian professor-analyst: Give Greece BrahMos to…stop Turkey talking, argues Padma Shri, former Director of the Center for Central Asian Studies at the University of Kashmir.

According to the Indian professor, India, as “the largest democracy in the world, cannot tolerate interference from any foreign country”.

“India has friendly and cordial relations with Greece and, like the rest of the civilized world, recognizes Greece’s historical contribution to world culture,” he notes in an article on

According to the professor, India “should welcome any movement that intends to support Greece against Turkish intimidation, including offering military assistance.”

“It will be in the interest of the free world if India provides sufficient military assistance to Greece, including the powerful BrahMos missiles, so that the repeated threats being issued by Ankara are silenced,” he concludes.

The BrahMos are expected to be deployed on the 36 Rafale that India acquired after the necessary improvements.

Greece bought 18 Rafales which could also be equipped with BrahMos.

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