Inauguration of First Year Students of the School of Non-Commissioned Officers

On Friday, October 20, 2023, the swearing-in ceremony of the first-year students of the Class of 2026 was held at the Non-Commissioned Officers School (NCO) in Trikala, in the presence of the Chief of the General Staff of the Army Lieutenant General Angelos Houdeloudis and as a representative of the Chief of the General Staff of the National Defense General Konstantinos Floros ” Major General Dimitrios Theodorakis”.

The ceremony was honored with the presence of the MPs of Trikala Mr. Athanasios Lioutas and Mrs. Marina Kontotoli, the Mayor of Trikkaia Mr. Nikos Sakkas, the Metropolitan of Trikki, Gardiki and Pyli etc. Chrysostomos, who officiated at the ceremony, the Metropolitan of Stagion and Meteora, etc. Theoklitos, the Chief of Tactical Aviation Vice Admiral (I) George Fasoulas as the representative of the Chief GEA Vice Admiral (I) Themistocles Bourolias, the Commander of the 1st Army/EU-OHQ “ACHILLES” Lieutenant General Ioannis Tsioplos, the Commander of the Naval Education Command (NNE) Rear Admiral Polychronis Koulouris PN as the representative of the Chief of General Staff Vice Admiral Ioannis Drymousis PN, the Deputy Regional Commander of the Regional Unit Mr. Christos Michalakis of Trikalon, retired senior officers acting Commanders of the SMY, relative of the Hero of the Class of 2026, as well as the relatives of the sworn first-year students.

Today is an important milestone for the course of the first-year students, as was also pointed out in the Daily Order of the Commander of the School, Brigadier Ioannis Korelis, as they enter the great Military family, the family that is the nursery of the Nation, the treasury of values ​​and virtues of the ancient Greek spirit, in the family of the sacrificial offering of blood, honor and glory and urged them to honor with their general presence the hero of the class “Lieutenant Dimitrios Theodorakis”.

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167 first-year students were sworn in, of which 124 from Greece, 38 from Cyprus and 5 from Georgia.

Biography of Major General Dimitrios Theodorakis

Major General Dimitrios Theodorakis was born in the village of Ambiani, Evrytania prefecture, on October 12, 1889. He enlisted as a volunteer in the Greek Army on October 1, 1910. After two years of training, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on October 1, 1912. He took part in the Balkan wars ( 1912-13), on the Macedonian Front during World War I (1917-18) and then in the Asia Minor campaign. In World War II, he took part as a Reserve Deputy Commander of the 53rd Infantry Regiment of the IX Division of the 3rd Army Corps, on the Greek-Albanian border in the area of ​​Kastoria. On November 22, 1940, he took the offensive initiative, led a detachment in pursuit of the retreating Italians and occupied Korça. He declared the city free and appointed its Guard.

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