In Xanthi the vice-president of the Kemalists – He spoke about “Turks” of Western Thrace! – The Greek authorities did not stop him!

New challenge from Ankara, as CHP Vice President Faik Öztrak, visited the self-proclaimed “Turkish Union of Xanthi.”

The delegation of the Republican People’s Party, which went to Xanthi to attend the funeral of the Pseudo-Mufti of Xanthi Ahmet Mete, visited the “Turkish Union of Xanthi”, led by the vice-president of the CHP Faik Öztrak, where he was welcomed by the so-called President of the “Turkish Union” Xanthi”, Ozan Ahmetoğlu and other officials.

What Turkish media reports:

“Reminding that the ECtHR’s decisions on minority associations, especially the ‘Turkish Association of Xanthi’, which have the phrase ‘Turkish’ in their name, were not implemented by Greece, he said: “As you can see at the entrance of our association, the sign of the “Turkish Union of Xanthi” is licensed. Because it disbanded 39 years ago. Despite the decisions of the ECtHR, this injustice has not been removed. The decision of the ECtHR has not been implemented for 14 years. This perception is definitely against democracy and human rights. However, we will continue our fight as we have done so far.”

CHP Vice President Faik Öztrak also stated in his speech that they know the importance of the “Turkish Union of Xanthi for the Turkish Community of Western Thrace” and said that they also visited the ITB on the occasion of the funeral of Mufti Ahmet Mete.

Emphasizing that they are closely following the struggle for rights, Faik Öztrak stated that as Turkey they stand by the “Turkish Union of Xanthi” and the “Turks of Western Thrace” in this struggle!”

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