In the presence of the Chief of GEETHA at the Annual Memorial of General Konstantinos Korkas and at the 40-day Memorial of the Honorary Inspector General of the Army Lt. General e.a. Christos Fotopoulos

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, the annual memorial service of Hierolohite General Konstantinos Korkas and the forty-day memorial service of the Honorary Inspector General of the Army Lieutenant General A.A. Christos Fotopoulos, in the presence of the Chief of the General Directorate of General Konstantinos Floros and members of the families of the deceased.

The ceremonies were also attended by:

  • The President of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Papagos – Cholargos, Mrs. Anna Maria Tsikrikoni, as a representative of the Mayor of Papagos – Cholargos, Mr. Ilias Apostolopoulos.
  • The Commander of the Special Warfare Command (DEP) of the GETHA Lt. Gen. Dimitrios Houpis and the GES Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Stavros Papastathopoulos.
  • The Commander of the Interbranch Command of Special Operations (DDEE) Major General Konstantinos Alexakis and the Deputy Commander of the Faculty of Defense and Security Operations Major General Spyridon Kogiannis.
  • Active and retired Officers.

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