In 2 years the first EPOP completes 50 years and the N/s HYPETHA has not been filed yet

N. Antonopoulos: We don’t want to believe that they will submit the n/s for the pension of professional soldiers before the elections!

The problem that has arisen with the pension of professional soldiers remains unresolved. The legislative regulation for which the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense had recently spoken has not yet been submitted.

Speaking to Sky, the president of the Military Union of Rhodes, Mr. Nikos Antonopoulos, referred to this issue today.

As he emphasized despite the assurances given to the TIF by the Deputy Minister and the Minister of National Defense, no legislative regulation was submitted for the pension of Professional Soldiers.

“In the capacity of the Secretary of EPOP issues of our POMENS Federation, I represent all the professional soldiers of the Armed Forces. On December 10, we met with the Deputy Minister Mr. Hardalia and the Minister Mr. Nikos Panagiotopoulos about the pension of the Professional Soldiers. Through the mouth of Mr. Panagiotopoulos, we got the commitment that the issue will be resolved with a draft law that would have been submitted by October 15. Unfortunately today is October 24th and no bill has been tabled yet. It is also unknown when it will be filed. We have been waiting for his deposition for three and a half years,” he said.

All the Armed Forces are waiting, as he pointed out, for this bill because it also concerns other institutions such as long-term volunteers, ASSY graduates.

“Let the people know that in the past they also gave dates for the submission of the bill. Unfortunately they were denied as until now there is no legislative regulation and resolution of the pension of professional soldiers which is the most important. I remind you that in two years the first professional soldier will be 50 years old and he does not know his future in the Armed Forces. At the moment, there is great frustration and indignation in the ranks of the professional soldiers”, Mr. Antonopoulos emphasized.

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In response to a question about what will be done by POMENS on this issue, Mr. Antonopoulos stated:

“An answer was given by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Mr. Panagiotopoulos. They report the same without giving answers. We will continue the fight with letters with documents. We don’t want to go to court but we will fight through it.. I don’t think it is right that the first professional soldier should be discharged and we have to go to court so that this man can have the benefits of a pension.. It is important I hoped and still hope that the minister is interested and cares about professional soldiers that the issue will be resolved before the end of this year. I don’t want to believe that the bill will be tabled before the election for obvious reasons. We are in a good mood. But there is indignation and disappointment in 20,000 professional hoplites. We will do everything possible.”

Mr. Antonopoulos also referred to the meeting that took place regarding housing in the EKP as well as to the proposals submitted as part of the dialogue for its resolution.


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