Important development: House of Representatives in favor of India for S-400: “No to sanctions” – “The Turks have gone mad, they are taking revenge on us”

An important development took place by the US House of Representatives in favor of India, sending the Turks behind bars again!

The US House of Representatives approved a legislative amendment by Congressman Ro Khanna, paving the way for a special sanctions waiver against India for the CAATSA sanctions.

The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) became a sticking point in India-US relations after New Delhi signed a deal to secure the S-400 missile defense system from Moscow amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Washington had considered whether to impose or waive sanctions on India because of the deal.

What the Turks report:

”The US House of Representatives, which decided to impose sanctions against Turkey, which bought the Russian-made S-400 anti-missile defense system in 2019, hit Turkey again.

Turkey was removed from the F-35 program, which is the 5th generation fighter jet, due to the purchase of the S-400 defense system. Turkey has put a number of options on its agenda to prevent a potential weakness in air power. Demand to buy F-16s and modernization kits from the US is important in this context.

The House of Representatives approved the amendment to the law that approved India’s exemption from CAATSA sanctions for its purchase of the S-400 missile defense system from Russia.

If the bill is signed by the Senate and President Joe Biden, the sanctions imposed on Turkey will not apply to India.

The amendment was introduced by Indian-origin Congressman Ro Khanna and urges the Joe Biden administration to use its mandate to grant India an exemption from the Countering America’s Adversaries Act (CAATSA). CAATSA authorizes the US government to impose sanctions on countries that purchase significant defense equipment from Russia.

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Ro Khanna, the US representative from California’s 17th congressional district, used the following statements in his statement:

The US should stand by India in the face of growing aggression from China. As Vice-Chairman of the India Caucus, I strive to strengthen cooperation between our countries and enable India to defend itself on the Chinese border. This change is extremely important and I am proud to see it passed by Parliament on a bipartisan basis.

In addition, Khanna stated that there is no relationship more important to US strategic interests than US-India cooperation, commenting that “the most important piece of legislation out of Congress on US-India relations than the US-India nuclear deal”.

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