Idomeni: Alarming concentration of migrants and fears of an invasion – Damage to property

Ankara continues to send thousands of migrants to Evros. The result is that there is now an issue in Idomeni as well.

The situation in Idomeni is alarming in the last 24 hours as hordes of immigrants arrive in the area.

It is typical that at least 1,000 have “accumulated” wanting to cross the border. In general, the flows of illegal immigrants have multiplied in recent weeks, with Turkey of course being responsible for this situation.

This is why the country also proceeded with extraordinary measures to lengthen the fence in the Evros, but also with a series of other actions (patrols, cameras, lighting).

The strengthening of the forces on the Evros and the sea borders, however, has led several illegal immigrants (from Afghanistan and Pakistan) to try to cross into Europe via Skopje or Bulgaria. To achieve this they are trying to pass through Idomeni which is on the border with Skopje.

As the Greek citizens of the area complain, the situation is starting to resemble the attempt of 2015, when thousands of migrants had gathered in Idomeni with the intention of crossing to the side of Skopje and then reaching countries in central and northern Europe.

In fact, the immigrants have already caused a lot of damage to agricultural facilities and properties, while the area has begun to resemble a garbage dump.

The statements of the Mayor of Idomeni, who fears the creation of a camp at the site and appeals to the Greek authorities, are typical: “Slowly you are creating a new Idomeni of 2015. There must be an immediate reaction from the State, a reaction from the police. They also destroy the water supply network in order for water to flow, to satisfy their needs, as a result of which the settlement has no water.”

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