How Turkey, by strengthening the capabilities of its Military Gendarmerie in the Smyrna area, increases the threat in the Aegean

Receipt of new boats from the Military Gendarmerie of Smyrna

“The 6th and 7th ASBOT KN-35, a new generation security vessel, designed and built by ASFAT with domestic and national resources, have been delivered,” is the title of a Turkish media article whose highlights are as follows:

The Turkish defense industry continues its traditions without slowing down for the security of the “Blue Homeland”

The above boats were given in order to strengthen the public order and security projects of the General Administration of the Military Gendarmerie.

The 2 vessels of type “ASBOT KN-35” were delivered to Marina Levent in the Balcova area of ​​Izmir.

In the post on ASFAT’s official Twitter account, “The 6th and 7th ASBOT KN-35 new generation security and safety craft, designed and built by ASFAT with domestic and national means, have been delivered to strengthen the security efforts of the Gendarmerie us. Good luck to our country and to our Military Gendarmerie.”


The 10.2m long and 3.2m wide ASBOT has a double-step sliding body structure.

ASBOT, designed to operate in lakes, rivers and seas with the needs of the Army Gendarmerie in mind, can handle up to 4 knots sea conditions and has a speed of up to 40 knots with 2 250 hp outboard engines.

ASBOT, manufactured from advanced composite material with vacuum injection technology, is class B and certified by Türk Loydu.

It is designed to be able to make a full turn, giving the boat a high level of maneuverability.


From the above, we can see Turkey’s steadfast commitment to serving the vision of the “Blue Homeland”, with the continuous construction of ships for the Turkish Navy, the Military Gendarmerie and the Coastal Security Administration.

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In this context, the receipt of the 2 new ASBOT KN-35 boats from the Turkish military gendarmerie in the area of ​​Izmir is included.

The Military Gendarmerie forces on the Asia Minor coast

It is recalled that the forces of the Military Gendarmerie on the coasts of Asia Minor are greatly increased and heavily equipped, while certainly based on plans, they will be used together with the forces of the 4th Turkish Army (Aegean Army), against our islands in the Aegean

These are the following:

Military Gendarmerie Division Level Area Command based in Aydin

Air Gendarmerie Company based in Aydin
1st Gendarmerie Training Battalion based in Aydin

Gendarmerie Transfer Training Battalion based in Seferihisar (Doganbey bay area, north of Samos)

2TAXKD-SCH (2nd Gendarmerie Commando Brigade) based in Bornova (North of Smyrna)

7SKD-SCH – TRAINING, (7th Gendarmerie Command Training Regiment) based in Foca

6SKD-SCH (6th Gendarmerie Commando Training Regiment based in Kirkagac (NE Foca)

3rd Gendarmerie Training Battalion based in Ezine (North of Lesvos)

116th Gendarmerie Training Regiment based in Canakale (at the entrance to the Hellespont)

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