How a hot episode between Greece and Turkey off Samos was avoided – Mitsotakis’ messages to Ankara

One of the most serious incidents on the ground between Greece and Turkey was what happened yesterday off Samos. The scene took place when Kyriakos Mitsotakis was in Estonia and had contacts with the country’s political and state leadership, and Turkey yesterday fell into the trap it has been trying to set in Greece for a long time.

It all started when a cargo ship under a foreign flag, which participated in the search for a shipwreck with migrants, found a body within the area of ​​responsibility of search and rescue of the Greek authorities and within Greek territorial waters. Immediately, he informed a Turkish vessel, which was sailing in Turkish territorial waters, in order to receive the body.

The Turkish offshore vessel invaded Greek territorial waters and made dangerous maneuvers, moving towards the Coast Guard patrol. During the process of collecting the body, the Coast Guard patrol boat approached the Turkish vessel in order to point out that it has violated Greek territorial waters. But the crew of the Turkish ship had other plans. He tried to cause damage to the Greek vessel while at the same time making a show of armament.

The maneuvers made by the Turkish vessel were so dangerous that only thanks to the skills of the Greek officers of the port, the worst was avoided. The whole episode took place in the presence of an Italian Frontex ship, whose crew recorded what happened and will inform the Agency.

“Turkey has been exposed once again and irreparably since the incident has been recorded and is another weapon in Greece’s quiver in the operation of internationalizing Turkish provocation,” a government official told Newsbeast. According to information, the visual and audio material that Greece has in its hands from the incident will be sent to all relevant international organizations. This incident is not the first and unfortunately it will not be the last, but one of the many happening in the Aegean with Turkey as the negative protagonist, which is trying unsuccessfully to this day to instrumentalize immigration.

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The new tactic in the business of internationalizing Turkish provocation

The messages that the Greek Prime Minister sent yesterday were many and clear to our neighbors. He criticized Ankara for causing constant tensions in the Aegean, undermining regional stability and the security of the entire region. He even called on our neighboring country to immediately stop the unnecessary provocations and offensive rhetoric against Greece and the open questioning of the sovereignty of our islands.

Additionally, what Athens has been doing lately is emphasizing even more to our interlocutors and partners Turkey’s flagrant refusal – even though it is a NATO member country – to follow its partners in sanctions against Russia. Kyriakos Mitsotakis pointed this out to both his Lithuanian and Estonian counterparts during his tour of the two Baltic countries.

“We should ensure that we join forces to convince countries that do not apply sanctions against

Russia that this is not the right approach, especially when it comes to NATO members. Sanctions have an impact and it will be much more effective to close the “loopholes” that allow Russia to bypass them”, said the Greek Prime Minister in his joint statements with Kaya Kallas in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Erdoğan nuisance

“There is irritation in Turkey,” a diplomatic source told Newsbeast, and this can be seen both in the field and at the highest level. Thus, Tayyip Erdoğan’s demand to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to maintain a neutral stance towards Greece and Turkey is explained. “Berlin had for years spoiled Ankara since it never, even in the most critical hours in Greek-Turkish speech, condemned the Turkish aggression towards a country like Greece which, in addition to being an ally in NATO, also has the “privilege” of being Germany’s partner in EU”, the same source noted.

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As the Turkish media reported yesterday, the Turkish President Erdogan had a telephone conversation with the German Chancellor Scholz in which he expressed his displeasure calling on Germany to return to “neutrality” regarding the relations between Greece and Turkey.

In fact, after some time, Erdogan asked to revive the negotiations on updating the Customs Union as well as the talks on Turkey’s accession to the EU.

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