How a Bayraktar made the Turks furious

Russia’s Bayraktar infuriates the Turks after Moscow takes an entire Turkish TB2 and puts it on display along with its ammunition.

A Turkish Bayraktar TB2 SİHA and its MAM-L and MAM-C ammunition are on display at Russia’s ARMY 2022 exhibition.

Included in the report are weapons systems seized by Ukrainian forces during the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

The Turks point out that after Bayrkatar’s report, pro-Russian social media accounts began to discredit Turkish drones.

The Russians report that the Turkish Bayraktar “fell in one piece” and was confiscated.

The Turks, in turn, note that if the published images are carefully examined and compared to the actual Bayraktar TB2 images, “it can be easily understood that the event is actually a product of the Russian propaganda machine.”

According to the Turks, the differences in the ammunition of the Turkish drone and the wings of the vehicle “are impressive even at first glance”.

Turkish defense site claims that the “Russian” Bayraktar was created by “combining the solid parts of previously dropped TB2s with a very poorly constructed body model.”

“It is clear that what pushed Russia to this ill-prepared propaganda project was the devastating blow that the TB2 and Roketsan munitions have dealt to the credibility of Russian-made weapons systems and Russia’s so far ambitions,” the Turks underline.

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