“Hot” episode: Akar’s midnight meeting with army chiefs for Greece – Critical 24 hours

The tension is escalating dangerously – Everything points to a crisis on the ground with Turkey as well – The Armed Forces are on full alert

The Erdogan regime chooses the extreme escalation of tension at all levels, creating destabilizing conditions in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean region.

With Recep Tayyip Erdogan accusing Greece of “provocations and provocations” and stressing that “we will not fail to defend the rights and interests of our country, using all the means at our disposal”, Greece has no room for inaction. Political and military leadership are watching the developments with concern, formulating their next moves, with the Armed Forces being ready to respond in any way and means.

The information coming from Turkey intensifies the concern even more and it is now very difficult to assess and predict how far the Turkish provocation can go. As OPEN reported, a very important development took place at midnight on Monday which may trigger stormy developments. Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff General Yasar Guler held a video conference meeting with force commanders, deputy ministers and unit commanders.

Diplomats and military analysts point out that the Turkish regime has now followed all the steps of escalation to the letter, with the Turkish president warning the opposing side, making provocations, informing the UN and allies, and all that remains is escalation on the ground. .

Every bridge of dialogue and understanding has been completely severed and now no one can predict the future if Turkey attempts an extreme provocation on the ground. Who could she be? For example, a naval blockade or the prevention of activities on islands that it considers should be demilitarized. Although this is an extreme scenario, as it automatically raises the levels of engagement of military forces, the Staffs are understood to be preparing for this as well.

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Today in Turkey is particularly critical as the National Security Council of the neighboring country is meeting, with the demilitarization of the Greek islands at the top of the agenda. What does this mean; Possibly there decisions will be made for even more aggressive actions against Greece.

Political and military leadership agree that Turkey’s attitude betrays its willingness to escalate challenges until they reach a “hot” episode of lesser or greater intensity, with the aim of bringing us to the negotiating table. After all, as we have said, the Turkish government does not have diplomatic weapons, therefore, only with a “hot” episode can it lead us to negotiations where it will place its absurd demands.

For this reason, the Armed Forces of our country are fully prepared to react to any aggressive action by Turkey. The Navy is located from one end to the other in the Aegean, in fact, constantly carrying out training exercises, while the combat squadrons of the HAF are at the highest readiness for responses at any moment. The Army, which also has the difficult task of surveillance, constantly informs the Operations Center in Athens and there the corresponding decisions are made.

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