History teaches that threats and violations are not routine

It is written by Konstantinos Kusantas, Lieutenant General e.a. , MA in International Security (Plymouth) and International Relations (Brussels).*

The naval battle in the Aigos Rivers (405 BC) had a victorious outcome for the Spartans because the Athenians appeared operationally frivolous:

1. They were surprised by the Spartans who made deceptive continuous attack tests for 4 days while bluffing while on the 5th day Lysander the admiral – general of the Spartans, applied the tactic of surprise with complete success destroying the Athenian fleet.

2. The Athenians did not listen to the advice of Alcibiades, the discredited but experienced statesman-military, who lived near Sestos, who advised them to dock at Sestos and not at the Aegos Potamis, from where the Athenians could choose when they will battle the Spartans.

Many internationalists, political scientists, historians, military personnel, analysts, and other journalists in general, experts on national issues, are not taken into account when they recommend to the political leadership of our country that the specific timing of the continued acquisition of the maximum military power that had our country is never suitable for restoring total Greek sovereignty in the Aegean with operational countermeasures.

The practices of the centers of power and their followers, in order to disclaim their responsibility for inaction and complacency, disparagingly characterize journalists on national issues as nationalistic, extreme, graphic, populist, risk experts.

The aeolian dilemmas promoted mainly by political circles in the media are intended to cause phobic syndromes in Greek citizens such as “Turkey provokes us to strike first in a hot episode” or “so what do you want us to do war” or “this is not the right timing” ” or “when we take all the Rafale and Belhara” or “keep strategic calm” without taking into account the great Greek military power.

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In addition to many politicians, their cognitive professional subject is far away and they are completely ignorant of the huge distance in the National Alert System of MEASURES between tension, crisis, hot episode and war.

The 80 Turkish violations by armed aircraft on July 26, 2022, the 315 violations of the last 10 days combined with the departure of the Turkish drilling rig on August 9, 2022 for drilling in the EEZ of Cyprus or South Kastelorizo, reveal Turkey’s now aggressive operational tactics.

Every violation IN THE AIR AND SEA is a DAILY loss of national sovereignty and submissiveness. It is not simply a violation of ROUTINE, complacency, compromise and appeasement. The reason is that all the violations are added cumulatively and form consolidated Turkish positions with flimsy arguments and form narratives of Turkish claims while our country is constantly apologizing for the rightness of its positions.

*Lieutenant General Kusantas Konstantinos holds two master’s degrees in International Security (Plymouth), International Relations (Brussels) and has finished the Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education of the Democritus University of Thrace. He has served in the NATO Rapid Intervention Headquarters in Spain – Valencia as Assistant Chief of Staff and was the representative of the GES in the NATO Training Group.

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