Harris to attend AI summit at former UK WWII codebreaker base

US Vice President Kamala Harris will attend a summit on Artificial Intelligence in the UK next week, shortly after President Joe Biden issued a long-awaited executive order on an emerging technology that has created excitement and fear.

She is scheduled to leave Tuesday and return Nov. 2 and will be accompanied by her husband, Douglas Emhoff, according to her office.

Harris will deliver a speech describing the Democratic administration approach to artificial intelligence on November 1 before attending a summit on the issue the following day. Emhoff is expected to participate in events with civil society groups and young leaders focused on science learning, gender equality and the fight against hate.

Kirsten Allen, a spokeswoman for Harris, said the goal is a future “where every person is safe from the harms of artificial intelligence and where every person can equally share in its benefits.”

Governments around the world are racing to define guidelines for artificial intelligence. In addition to Biden’s executive order, the European Union is putting the finishing touches a comprehensive set of regulations which targets the most dangerous applications for the technology.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hopes to play a major role for Britain on the issue and next week’s summit will be held on Bletchley Parka historic estate north of London that once served as the base for World War II Codes. Teams in what has been called the spiritual home of modern computing succeeded in breaking the Nazi Enigma cipher, helping to end the war.

The summit will focus on the risks from what is known as frontier AI, which are cutting-edge systems that can perform a wide range of tasks and pose unknown risks to public safety. These systems are supported by large language models, which are trained on vast reservoirs of text and data.

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