Handelsblatt: Turkey is turning into a problematic NATO partner – A direct threat to Greece

The conflict between Greece and Turkey, two NATO allies, is becoming more and more clear, the financial newspaper Handelsblatt observes on its website, while “through an ambitious weapons program, Erdogan is gaining more and more importance.”

As the publication, entitled “The new arms giant – Turkey turns into a problematic NATO partner” points out, in Brussels, where NATO is based, “concern about a possible conflict between the two member countries seems to be increasing. (…) And while Erdogan is considered increasingly unpredictable within the alliance, for Greece he is also developing into a direct threat”.

“But is there really a danger of an armed conflict?”, asks the analyst.

“For NATO, the possibility of war between two members of the alliance is a horror scenario,” he comments and continues, focusing on the visit of Scholz and the mediating role that the German chancellor offered to take between the two countries. In fact, regarding the German chancellor’s promise to deliver weapon systems to the Greek prime minister, he comments that in this case “there is also a question of orders worth billions of euros for the German arms industry.

Mitsotakis launched the largest arms program in Greece’s recent history, in order to counter the potential threat from Turkey. France and the US have already delivered fighter jets, helicopters and frigates to the country.” Of course, as the editor points out, all this “will hardly change in relation to Ankara’s military supremacy, as a look at the Turkish arsenal shows.”

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