Haftar starts the counterattack-He called the people to rise up against Tripoli-Turkey!

Only a Haftar can “save” Greece and expel Turkey from Libya, as yesterday from the military parade that took place in Benghazi, he sent an ultimatum to Tripoli and Ankara!
What he said in detail:
The Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, called on the people to rise up and lead.
In his speech to the participants in the grand military parade, he said the following: “We are ready to protect the people in their uprising. The army will continue its struggle.
Libya will not fall as long as its national army has a beating heart and its people have an indomitable will and determination to face the challenge. The military will not hesitate to protect Libya and defend its national security. All Libyan cities suffer from government failure.
Spanish-report-“bomb” for Libya
A Spanish report highlighted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s strategy to strengthen his position in Libya by playing the role of mediator between Russia and Ukraine.
According to the publication of the Spanish magazine “Atlayar”, on Monday, “he connected Turkey’s attempt to consolidate its position to gain influence on Libyan soil with the new project of the natural gas pipeline in the Sahara. It also follows Erdogan’s style of using crises in the region to his advantage as he flaunts his role as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine while pushing Libya as an option to host the new trans-Saharan gas pipeline.
Another target that Ankara is monitoring is the situation surrounding the construction of a new natural gas pipeline from the Sahara, given its economic benefits, as well as the possibility of gaining great influence in a very mature strategic region, so Turkey has put Libya targeted as host country for gas pipeline from Nigeria. So you want to acquire a project worth 13 billion euros.
Although the Algerian project itself has an advantage, Libya is in a better geographical position to develop a natural gas pipeline, which only has to pass through Chad.
The magazine said the project’s costs and delivery dates make Libya one of the contenders to host the gas pipeline, but Algeria and Morocco’s proposals should not be dismissed too quickly. What is clear is that Libya is not alone in this bid, as Turkey, which recently signed a controversial energy deal, is pushing for its partner to take on the project.
The Spanish report concludes with a reference to Recep Tayyip Erdogan playing his cards on the international chessboard. Which allows him, being in a state of unrest, to take advantage of the instability to gain great advantages for his country.”
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