Greek-Turkish: Turkey’s plan to bypass the Straits is in full effect – What did Greece do?

Greek-Turkish: The plan to bypass Turkey in the Straits is in full effect, with Greece and Bulgaria planning the implementation of a mega project that will connect the ports of northern Greece and the Aegean with the Black Sea and the Danube.

At the meeting of Greek Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis with his Bulgarian counterpart, it was agreed to restart the “Sea2Sea” project.

The specific project will connect by rail the ports of Thessaloniki, Kavala, Alexandroupoli with the ports of Varna and Burgas, on the Black Sea, as well as Ruse on the Danube, bypassing the Straits.

“Our meeting today highlights once again the solidarity and cooperation of our countries, especially at a time when in the Balkans and throughout Europe we are facing difficult challenges due to the war in Ukraine.

Once there was the “iron curtain” between us. Today we are united by the European Union. We have only to gain from our cooperation, which will bring growth for both of us. And as neighbors we face common challenges in the energy field as well.

We therefore place special emphasis on the transnational project “Sea2Sea”. The rail connection with Bulgaria, but also with Romania, with a modern railway, capable of serving high-speed trains.

This mega project will connect the ports of northern Greece and the Aegean with the Black Sea and the Danube. A land freight bridge will therefore be created, bypassing the Bosphorus Strait.

Thessaloniki and Kavala will become ports of exit for all products from South-Eastern Europe. And Alexandroupoli will emerge as a transport and infrastructure hub, as well as an energy hub of the wider region.

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The “Sea2Sea” Project will soon cease to be just an ambitious plan on a map. We are moving forward decisively to make it a reality. The times demand it more than ever.

It is well known the strong international investment interest in the port of Alexandroupoli, which can be another field of cooperation with our northern neighbors.

We also discussed road freight transport and cross-border crossings. Issues to which both countries are invited to pay special attention”, said the Greek minister.

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