Greek-Turkish: The Turks are bragging about their new missile – Threats against Greece!

Turkey is proud of its new weapon with which it threatens Greece
Trying to set fire to the Greek-Turkish language once again, Turkey, with Erdogan, Çavuşoğlu and Bakhtseli as its leaders, is sending messages of war to Greece.
At the same time, the neighboring country’s media are bragging about their new Typhoon missile with threats to Greece, as reported by its correspondent from Istanbul SKAI, Manolis Kostidis.
More specifically, the Turks have set their sights on the Greek islands and even state that through their “national missile” they are ready to hit the Greek islands.
In fact, the well-known in Turkey, military analyst Mete Yarar told CNN Turk that it may have a greater range than 561 kilometers, while the journalist Hulki Cevizoglou said that the distance between Smyrna and Athens is 411 kilometers, making a show of strength.
At the same time, Turkey carried out the test firing as part of the development program of the Typhoon ballistic missile.
We remind you that after Bakhtseli’s unimaginable statements, the representative of the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, took over yesterday.
He made sure to threaten Greece regarding the sending of military equipment to the Greek islands, stressing that Turkey is against the terms while he went on to say that Ankara is warning Athens that if it continues with the same tactics, Turkey will intervene and there will be consequences .
With this attitude, Turkey shows how pressured it is as it sees the strengthening of our country on the one hand but also the instability that exists inside it, with Erdogan wanting through his policies to stir up dust in the Greek-Turkish language in order to raise his popularity ahead of the upcoming elections.
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