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Greek-Turkish: The look at the Greek artillery that judges the war as it happens in Ukraine.

Much has changed since the 2nd World War in the technology of weapon systems and in the techniques of war, but it seems that the king of battles remains the artillery.

This conclusion also follows from the developments on the Ukrainian front, where the Russians, with their superior artillery, have managed to slowly but surely gain ground, while the Ukrainians only organized their counterattack when the Americans supplied them with HIMARS. also a weapon belonging to the artillery.

This opinion is also expressed by the Russian analyst, Ilya Kramnik, a military observer and researcher at the IMEMO RAS institute in Moscow.

But what about the Greek artillery?

According to the analyses, artillery remains the dominant weapon in the battles.

Does the Greek artillery have the potential to hit hard?

We will single out the 36 MLRS, the 116 RM 70 as well as the 24 PzH 2000, clearly the best Greek artillery has today.

It should be noted that from here on, the goal is to provide a basis for HIMARS, which are proving to have an important role on the battlefield in Ukraine.

The main opponent of the Greek artillery will be the Turkish T-155 Firtina, copies of the Korean K-9 SPH.

The Firtina is inferior in terms of firepower, off-road mobility and has a significantly lower supply of ammunition than the Greek PzH, which achieves twelve rounds in a minute and 20 rounds in about two minutes, while the Firtina achieves 2-4 rounds in Two minutes.

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Turkey had initially requested assistance with the Germans of the “Panzers”, but when Berlin refused then or Ankara turned to the production of the T-155 FIRTINA.

Turkey’s aim is to produce 500 T-155 FIRTINA.
Greece must react immediately and give a basis to HIMARS.

The next day of the Greek Artillery should include as many HIMARS and MLRS as possible given by the Americans.

Let’s remember that Lockheed Martin is developing a new missile for HIMARS and M270 with a range of up to 650 km, which will be able to destroy ships as well.

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