Greek-Turkish: The Armed Forces are on alert – The Turks are drilling!

Greek-Turkish issues continue to be of great concern, with many developments in the last few hours.

Greek-Turkish: The Armed Forces in Greece are on high alert, since Turkey made new announcements.

In particular, he revealed that he will take the new floating drilling rig “Abdul Hamid Khan” to the Mediterranean for research on August 9.

Once again, Turkey appears to be provoking, wanting to find natural gas, in case Recep Tayyip Erdogan manages to save his country’s economy, which continues to collapse, to some extent.

Fuat Oktay, the vice president of Turkey, announced the news of the operation a few days ago, but until now we did not know the exact date.

Of course the Navy is on high alert and will be monitoring the driller’s movements very closely.

In fact, the orders he has are clear, since in case this wants to cross into Greek territorial waters, he will have to prevent it.

Greek-Turkish: This is the big question mark!

The date may have been announced, but no one yet knows where the neighboring country will choose to conduct its investigation.

According to what the Minister of Energy Fatih Domez has said “the mission of the drilling rig will be to the Blue Homeland, while 5 to 6 points are being examined. One of them will be chosen.”

It remains to be seen how much more Turkey will decide to provoke and also what Greece will do in case things are ready to get out of hand.

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Of course, no one can rule out the possibility of another hot episode, just like last summer.

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