Greek-Turkish: Incredible Turkish Propaganda – We Died for Greece in World War II

New challenge! Turkish agency writes about “Turks from Western Thrace who died or disappeared while defending Greece”!

Greek-Turkish: Not even the national holiday of October 28 and the anniversary of the great Greek “No” was respected by the Turks, as they continued… undeterred with provocative reports against our country.

After the barrage of violations, the… baton was taken by a provocative publication by Turkey’s official state news agency, the “Anadolu” agency, which reports on “Turks” of Western Thrace, who died or perished defending Greece in the Greek- Italian War of 1940-41.

The provocative article is entitled: “The Turkish minority of Greece remembers its heroes of the Second World War” and states the following:

“In Greece, the Turkish minority of 150,000 people celebrated No Day on Friday to commemorate Greece’s rejection of Italy’s ultimatum and joining World War II.

Tevfik Huseinoglu, a writer, said they endured the same hardships as their Greek neighbors during the war, after Greece joined the anti-Axis forces led by Nazi Germany.

The Turkish minority living in Western Thrace for centuries has good relations with the local Greeks and considers Greece their homeland, he added.

“Therefore, it was normal for the minority to fight for Greece at that time,” Huseinoglu said.

Regarding the book he wrote on the subject, he said he visited all the Turkish villages in the region to be able to estimate the exact number of losses suffered by the minority during World War II.

The total number of dead and missing is 593, Huseinoglu said.”

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