Greek-Turkish: Greece is ending it – Terror fleet with 150 4, 5 and 5 generation fighters by 2030

Greek-Turkish: Greece is ending it – with a terrifyingly powerful fleet of 150 4, 5 and 5th generation fighters by 2030.

The… river does not turn back. The decision that Athens has taken is specific and is being implemented little by little.

The goal is for Athens to have 150 new generation (4th, 5th and 5th generation) fighters in its Air Force in less than eight years.

Athens is already talking about 40 Rafale, the first of which are already in Greece, about 40 F-35 (20+20) and about 120 F-16 Viper.

The power of the Greek Air Force in a few years will cause terror, since after Israel’s air force it will be the most powerful in the region, far ahead of the Turks.

To understand the analogy, Turkey at best by then will have started receiving the first batches of US F-16 Vipers and trying to make its national fighter war-worthy.

In fact, it is worth noting that regarding the F-35s requested by Athens, they are expected to be manufactured on the Italian production line.

Do not consider it a far-fetched scenario that the first F-35s from Italy will arrive in Athens much faster than expected.

As we said, the planning of the Greek Air Force is progressing step by step with an eye on tomorrow.

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