Greek-Turkish: Erdogan threatens Greece – After Tayfun, new missiles are coming

Erdogan wants to change the Greek-Turkish balance – After Tayfun, new missiles are coming

Turkey continues the Greek-Turkish games, with Erdogan threatening Greece again as it prepares new 500-mile-range missiles after Tayfun.

According to what the media of the neighboring country and more specifically CNN TURK are reporting, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken out all his weapons in the pre-election battle he is fighting, revealing this time the new missiles, CENK and GEZGIN.

The development of the CENK and GEZGIN missile systems is a priority for Turkey which aims to turn the balance in the Aegean.

These new guided missiles are subsonic or supersonic that are directed to their target at a very low altitude having this ability to avoid being detected by enemy radars.

This system, which Turkey has been working on for a long time, is expected to have a range of at least 800 kilometers, which will give Turkey extremely great potential.

In particular, as SKAI’s correspondent from Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, reported, with these missiles, the Turks will be able to launch an attack from the sea to land, and for this reason it is extremely important for the Turkish Navy to build their.

Regarding, the GEZGIN missile system is expected to be equivalent to the Tomahawk missiles which the US has been using for several years.

Finally, the CENK missile remains a big question mark so far as not much information has been released about its capabilities as it is one of the secret systems being prepared by Roketsan.

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