Greek Rafales caused the Turks to panic – Did they lock all their F-16s in the air?

Turkey: Turkey: Greek Rafales panicked the Turks after locking up all their F-16s in the air?

Did the Turks invent that they were locked up by Greek S-300s to hide that they were locked up by Greek Rafales flying in Greek airspace away from the site?

A few days ago, the Turks protested that during flights of Turkish fighters within Greek airspace, without having submitted a flight plan, they were intercepted by the Greek S-300s.

Indeed, the fabricated issue took on particular dimensions in Turkey, while international organizations were also contacted by the Turks.

One element regarding the specific incident, which Greece denies, is that basically the Turkish fighters (including all the Turkish fighters that were in the air) were probably locked up by Greek Rafales which were flying hundreds of kilometers away.

The capabilities of the French fighters are such that the Turks have lost any possibility of dealing with them.

It should be noted that even if the Turks get 40 F-16 Vipers, they will not be able to deal with the Greek Rafale and the weapons they have, especially the Meteor and the SCALP.

The Turkish fighters learned a… lesson about what will happen every time they go out into the Aegean. They will be locked up and forced into disorderly flight before they even leave the shores of Asia Minor.

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