Greek-Indian military cooperation in Crete – Finally an answer to the Turkish-Pakistani axis

PA F-16 fighters and the frigates (F/C) HELLI, (F/C) INS TARKASH in naval exercises

In a strategic move that should have started many years ago, Greece brought the Indian Navy to the Aegean and conducted aeronautical exercises with it in response to the permanent presence of the Pakistani Navy that Turkey brings two and three times a year to Aegean.

Of course, the exercise took place west of Crete, but what matters is that it took place: The F450 frigate HELLI and the Indian frigate INS TARKASH together with Greek F-16s carried out an aeronautical exercise to repel an air attack.

For the Indians the exercise is very important because they have to face the Pakistani F-16s in the maritime areas of western India. The Pakistanis use the F-16s in anti-surface exercises and the Indians rarely have the opportunity to conduct such exercises.

In the past, the two countries attempted to establish a strategic relationship in 2010, but this did not proceed due to Greece’s impending financial disaster

Both sides now aim for a permanent Indian presence in the Eastern Mediterranean as a counterbalance to Pakistan’s presence and close Turkish-Pakistani cooperation.

Let’s not forget that Turkey is now selling large quantities of military equipment to Pakistan with the crowning achievements of the ADA class frigates and T-129 attack helicopters.

During the joint training, communications, composition and exchange of tactical images, advanced maneuvers and anti-air warfare (Air Defense Exercise – ADEX) were carried out with the participation of 2 F-16 aircraft of the Air Force.

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Let us recall that some “forward-looking” ones, such as the Greek advanced technology company THEON Sensors, have since 2015 signed major export and co-production agreements with the Indian giant TATA Power SED, also in terms of thermal systems.

The Indian company produces the first Greek thermal imaging core (IR Core) of Divine Sensors and its applications.

The two companies have a joint manufacturing facility in Bangalore where they manufacture new advanced binoculars, night vision attachments and day and night channel camera.

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