Greek Army: Smart and necessary proposal for potential use of M-1117 as UAV carriers with a multitude of applications

On Friday, July 15, a presentation was made to GES staff by representatives of the TEXTRON company, regarding the US AEROSONDE system and the possibility of its integration into the TTOA M1117.

The AEROSONDE UAV has an autonomy of 10 hours and a maximum flight range of 140 kilometers. Mission equipment includes systems for intelligence gathering, targeting, electronic battlefield imaging and recording (ELINT), communications interception (SIGINT – COMINT). It can also carry a synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The weight of the shipping equipment depending on the shipment and the needs of its use is up to 9 kg.

The TEXTRON company presented the system to the GES staff covering the following operational needs of the Greek Army with the newly acquired M1117 Guardian carrier vehicle:

As a means of targeting, gathering information and recording results for the Advanced Observer Officers (APOs) of Artillery Squadrons.

As a system for the Transmission Units of the Greek Army in the context of ELINT and SIGINT – COMINT missions.

As a tool for tactical reconnaissance and providing a tactical situation picture to the command posts as well as to the tactical headquarters at Formation level (Mechanized or Armored Brigade or even Mechanized Division).

In any case, a solution like the one above given the large volume of M1117 vehicles in the ESS must be thoroughly examined and implemented due to the needs of wider utilization of the vehicles in a multitude of roles and missions.

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