Greece’s MAT movement in Crete – Everything is changing – Will Athens also move for destroyers?

Greek-Turkish: Greece’s MAT movement in Crete and specifically the upgrading of the Souda naval station changes the entire planning of the Greek Navy and makes it difficult for Turkey.

The naval station of Souda will be, after the naval station of Salamina, the second military naval station of Greece.

The upgrade of Souda is progressing according to the original plan after the approval of the financing amounting to 188 million euros for the execution of the necessary works, which passed a few days ago.

To make it clear, a new Fleet will be “created” at the Souda naval station, which will be the Greek Mediterranean Fleet.

That is, the Greek naval force will be divided into two fleets, which means that there will also be two fleet leaders (including with the corresponding … rearrangements in the hierarchy).

Operationally, the Greek Mediterranean Fleet will be active in the Eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus, Libyan Sea, Carpathian Sea and Kastelorizo) and will be the one to undertake the interception of Turkey’s provocative actions in the region.

So, in the future, the plans of the Greek admirals may include the acquisition of ships larger than frigates, which are ideal for the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The next ship size after the frigates are destroyers, of course the specific need could be met with larger volume frigates.

However, the climate on the other side of the Atlantic has already changed regarding the balance of power between Athens and Ankara in the Mediterranean, since it seems that now the Americans are more positive about granting even the Arleigh Burke to Greece (s.s. after some years, when the Greek Fleet will also be operationally ready for the Eastern Mediterranean, in four to five years).

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Of course, Turkey is also aware of this plan and for this reason is pushing for the creation of the Turkish naval base in Libya.

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