Greece will acquire three advanced American MQ-9 Sea Guardian drones – The comparison with the Turkish Bayraktar

Greece is also entering the field of competition in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, in order to balance the Turkish advantage in the field with Bayraktars.

In particular, our country decided to proceed with the purchase of MQ-9 SeaGuardian drones. These are long-range drones that are superior to Bayraktars.

According to information, three such drones will be purchased, which together with their equipment and ground bases, will cost around 400 million euros.

Their comparison with Bayraktar is as follows:

The MQ-9 SeaGuardian has a range of up to 2,200 km, unlike the Bayraktar which has a range of up to 300 km.

The MQ-9 SeaGuardian’s flight duration is 57 hours, while the Bayraktar’s is 27 hours.

The MQ-9 SeaGuardian has a payload of 2,200 kg, while the Bayraktar has a payload of 150 kg.

In terms of how high each can fly, the MQ-9 SeaGuardian can reach 40,000 feet, as opposed to the Bayraktar which reaches 25,000 feet.

Finally, in addition to weapons, the MQ-9 SeaGuardian can also carry and track submarine tracking systems.

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