Greece urgently needs an electronic warfare aircraft – Let the Israelis build it for us

Greece needs an electronic warfare aircraft immediately while the Israelis are doing maintenance on some Greek C 130s.

Is there a better… moment than this?

It could, as the Israelis have, be agreed to convert one into an electronic warfare aircraft, along the lines of the Gulfstream G550.

Even with the C 27 J Spartans of Greece this scenario can be realized.

Greece has fallen behind and Israel’s help in this field can be decisive.

However, Turkish analysts underline Turkey’s preparedness in electronic warfare, while stressing Greece’s “nakedness” in this field.

Turkish electronic warfare systems can hit Greek radars and Greek communications while the Turkish HAVA SOJ system is integrated into the BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 6000 BUSINESS JET which will have a range of 11,112 km and will be able to stay in the air for 10 hours without refueling.

The Turks, of course, note that the Greek Rafales with the SPECTRA radar they have (s.s. adjective radar) and the F-35s when Athens gets them, will cover some of the Greek needs in electronic warfare.

Israel’s… interim solution, however, does not sound bad.
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