Greece, Cyprus on alert for Turkish challenge on November 15 – Why this day is critical

What can Erdogan do?
George Sarris

Not only the Greek Armed Forces but also the Cypriot Armed Forces are on alert during this period as they estimate that there may be a series of provocative moves on the part of Turkey, especially on November 15th or at least those days.

Why then? Because November 15 is the 39th anniversary of the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in violation of International Law.

The occupying regime of Megalonisos announces fiestas for that day and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to attend them, who will also inaugurate the new illegal airport in the area.

Through this project, the pseudo-state aspires to host international flights, which will not only generate revenue, but also serve as a springboard for indirect recognition.

We remind you that the occupied part of Cyprus is officially recognized as an independent state only by Turkey, on which it depends politically, militarily and economically. The United Nations still recognizes the sovereignty of the legitimate Republic of Cyprus over the entire territory of the island and has declared the secession attempt illegal.

Erdogan has reportedly said he is discussing with Russian President Vladimir Putin the possibility of direct flights from Moscow or another major city in the Russian Federation to the occupied territories, giving what he says is a “leap to the economy”.

However, the Russian embassy in the Republic of Cyprus is very careful on this issue and has openly denied a related publication in the Turkish press, noting that the country “never conducted any kind of such talks. We are not proceeding with any actions in this direction. This issue was not discussed on either side through the embassies. Russia’s position regarding the settlement of the Cyprus issue has not changed.”

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