Gray Wolves: “If the Greeks continue to trample on us, we will tear their hearts out”

“We protect our national borders”

Haluk Alidzik-chairman of the prefectural organization of the far-right co-governing party MHP-Aidiniou, on the occasion of N.Bakhtseli’s map, said that if the Greeks do not stop trampling on the Turks “they will rip out our hearts”.

The MHP is essentially the political arm of the far-right organization the Gray Wolves.

Every day that passes the Turks invent more and more “inventive” threats against Greece.

According to Turkish News, he said:

“Those who want to drown in the Aegean, don’t stop, let them come out against us,

The government of Greece arming islands that according to the Treaty of Lausanne must be disarmed, is guilty and responsible in the eyes of humanity and international law

Anyone who steps on our callus should know well that we will rip out his heart

And the face and heart of the Dodecanese are turned towards Turkey

It is clear what we are defending both in the context of the Blue Homeland and our National Borders at sea”

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