Germany: A clear “no” to sending tanks to Ukraine

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has again categorically rejected Kiev’s requests to send tanks to Ukraine.

“No country has so far supplied Western-made infantry fighting vehicles or tanks,” he said.

“We have agreed with our partners that Germany will not take such action unilaterally.”


Germany must meet NATO’s long-term target for military spending of 2 percent of GDP even after a special 100 billion euro fund runs out, and accept a military hegemony it has so far avoided, the defense minister said.

“2% of our GDP for our security … we need this money absolutely, and we need it in the long term so that the effort we are making with the 100 billion is not in vain,” Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said today .

“We have to prevent a situation where, in a few years, we can’t afford to maintain the equipment we’re buying now,” he said.

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