German media: Turkish blockade of the fields as long as there is no solution to the Cyprus problem

Extensive reports in the German press about the discovery of natural gas in Block 6 and the implications for the geopolitical scene of the Southern Mediterranean

There are extensive reports in the German press about the discovery of a natural gas field in block 6 of the Cypriot EEZ.

The German journalists, as can be seen characteristically in a related n-tv report, connect the energy developments with the geopolitical reality of the region and in particular with the efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue.

In the report under reference, it is noted that in addition to the benefits arising for Cyprus and Italy, which through ENI is looking forward to a profit, “The new field gives the EU countries the opportunity to become independent from Russian natural gas supplies”.

However, as pointed out “another year will have to pass before its exploitation begins”.

n-tv in its related report also notes that “Already in 2011, the American company Noble Energy had identified large natural gas fields in the EEZ of Cyprus, drilling further east of the field that has been identified now.

But since then, a dispute has erupted with neighboring Turkey over the exploitation of raw materials.”

Cyprus, the report says, “has been divided into a Greek Cypriot section in the south and a Turkish Cypriot section in the north of the island since 1974.”

As long as there is no solution to the Cyprus problem, Ankara is blocking the exploitation of natural gas fields, as well as the research for further fields.”

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SOURCE: / Christos Petrou

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