General Frankos: We are ready! The Turks know it and they don’t dare…

The Honorary GES Chief General Fr. Frankos, in an interview he gave to the TV station SKAI on the show “Simera”, referred to the latest developments in Greek-Turkish.

Regarding the statement of the Ministry of Defense about investigations southwest of the Peloponnese and Crete by Exxon Mobil, the general replied that the Turks thought that we would be more condescending to them. In this particular case, when Navtex comes out, which will determine which areas will be blocked for research, then maybe we will have a more immediate response from the Turks.

And he continued that what concerns them now is whether we can conclude agreements with Libya, which of course is difficult after the decision of the 28th of October of the Security Council with which the interim government of Libya cannot conclude agreements. Rightly, the P/T insists on the dialogue with Libya, as it thus sends the message that the Turkish-Libyan Pact, even if it was posted at the UN, is not valid, in combination with the Greek-Egyptian agreement and the prospect of its extension.

He described the meeting of the ministers of Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon on the EEZ as important, where the issue of 12 p.m. will be raised. south of Crete.

He pointed out as a positive fact the agreement of the political world on the matter of 12 pm. south of Crete but also the opening of the discussion on the extension south of Rhodes and Kastelorizo ​​”something that must be done” he said characteristically.

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He estimated that in such a move, Turkey’s reaction will be at a rhetorical level and not of substance, but at the same time, their real threat will become clear as it is against a member state of NATO and the EU. but also of International Law in general.

He stated without hesitation that Greece is ready! The Turks know it and they don’t dare…

Regarding the visit of G.G. of NATO Mr. Stoltenberg in Turkey said that for the first time he left annoyed after he finally realized that you cannot talk without going crazy with the Turks neither within the framework of NATO nor within the European Union.

He said that the Turks feel surrounded by the agreements signed by the Americans with the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, but also by Egypt, which, in the context of the Arab summit, warned them to withdraw their troops from Syria, Iraq and Libya without conditions.

In this context, the effort of the Americans to reassure them with the possibility of giving them the F-16s at some point is included.

He repeated for the umpteenth time that in case of war we will be alone but with the difference that now there is the fact of Ukraine and the attitude taken by the Greek government and at the same time it is time for the European Union to change its perception of the European army.

So in such a case we will have strong alliances and a powerful army which will constantly raise its level. After all, the ambassador of the United States clearly stated that Greece can manage on its own.

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The difficulty of the dialogue lies in the fact that the opposite side has indulged in a frenzy of nationalism which is difficult to distance from a possible change in the leadership of Turkey.

Regarding the TAYFUN missile, he said that Greece has not lost its strategic depth, but we make up for it with our navy and air force, which is one of the best in the world, and reiterated that there is an answer for the Turkish drones as well.

He noted that the European Union must finally draw common borders, a common foreign policy and defense, something that has not been possible until now because there was a reluctance to find resources, and he gave the example of the war in Ukraine and its effects on Europe.

Finally, for Cyprus, he stated that it must equip its navy and air force with the weapons systems that we are gradually withdrawing and join NATO.

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